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Webinar Nasional PATPI Cabang Bogor

Webinar Nasional PATPI Cabang Bogor

PATPI National Webinar, Bogor Branch

Nano Technology in Food: Perspectives and Prospects


PATPI Bogor Branch in collaboration with the Department of ITP IPB held a National Webinar on August 3, 2020 with the theme “Nano Technology in the Field of Food: Perspectives and Prospects”. Prof. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rohman, Ph.D who is a research professor and Head of the LIPI Physics and Metallurgy Research Center was the main resource person, while Dr. Sri Yuliani who is a researcher from BB. Post-Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture and Dr. Nugraha Edhi Suyatma from the Department of Food Science and Technology was invited as a guest speaker. The topics presented by the three speakers are:

1. Perspectives & Prospects of Nano Technology in Food Processes in Indonesia

2. Nanoencapsulation Technology for Improving Local Food Quality

3. Nanotechnology Applications for Food Packaging: A Review of Technology and Its Safety

This webinar was attended by 666 participants with various professions such as lecturers, students, researchers, practitioners and observers of nanotechnology and food originating from various tertiary institutions, research institutions, and the private sector.

The three materials presented by the three speakers can be downloaded at the links provided.


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