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1st ISoFST 2024

two-day on-site seminar in conjunction with a two-day final of a national student competition on food science, technology, and engineering held by the Department of Food Science and Technology of IPB University.

BOGOR, OCTOBER 30 - 31, 2024

Welcome to The 1st ISoFST 2024

Welcome to The 1st ISoFST 2024

Greetings from IPB University, Bogor, Indonesia!

On behalf of the 1st ISoFST 2024 committee, I extend a warm welcome to fellow food technologists and scientists! The ISoFST is an annual event organized by the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty Agriculture of Technology, IPB University which related to the program of Inter-University Center of Excellence for Food Security in Indonesia.

We expect to have a fantastic group of researchers, industry leaders, and students here to share knowledge, collaborate, and explore the exciting world of food science and technology. This seminar offers a chance to delve into cutting-edge topics and forge new connections.

Let’s make this a springboard for innovation and a more sustainable future of food!

Prof. Dr.-Ing Azis Boing Sitanggang
Chairman of the 1st ISoFST

With 1st ISoFST 2024 We Explore Exchange Collaborate!


The 1st ISoFST 2024 will comprise a pre-seminar event, a pre-seminar workshop, a two-day international seminar, a two-day National ​Student Concept Note Paper Competition (NS-CoPaC), and an excursion to museums that commemorate Indonesia’s historical events.

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Invited Speakers

Prof. David Stone
Prof. David Stone Oregon State University United States of America
Prof. Dr. Tomonori Nochi
Prof. Dr. Tomonori Nochi Tohoku University Japan
Prof. Dr. Indrawati Oey
Prof. Dr. Indrawati Oey University of Otago New Zealand
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