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Food Process Engineering Division

Food Process Engineering Division

Food process engineering covers characteristics of raw food materials, principles of food preservation and processing factors that influence food quality. It also involves study of engineering principles and unit operations used in food processing, such as material and energy balances, thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat and mass transfer. It also covers management and entrepreneurship in food industrial system.

Related Courses

  • FST 230 Unit Operation in Food Industry
  • FST 231 Principle of Food Processing
  • FST 330 Principle of Food Engineering
  • FST 331 Food Engineering Laboratory
  • FST 332 Characteristics of Food Materials
  • FST 333 Food Processing Technology
  • FST 334 Food Processing Technology Laboratory
  • FST 335 Sensory Evaluation of Foods
  • FST 400 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory
  • FST 430 Food Quality Assurance
  • FST 431 Food Packaging and Storage Technology
  • FST 505 Methods of Sensory Evaluation
  • FST 530 Food Process Engineering
  • FST 630 Advanced Food Processing Technology
  • FST 631 Advanced Food Storage Technology
  • FST 632 Advanced Food Packaging Technology
  • FST 730 Thermal Process
  • FST 731 Physical Properties of Foods
  • FST 732 Water Interaction in Food System
  • FST 532 Food Processing Technology
  • FST 533 Recent Development in Food Industry
  • FST 535 Packaging, Labeling and Shelf-life Coding

Research Areas

  • Technology of supercritical fluid extraction
  • Food processing design
  • Physical properties of food components
  • Application of modified atmosphere storage for food commodity
  • Starch modification and its applications in food processing
  • Thermal processing of food products
  • Minimally processed food technology
  • New food product development based on on local resources (cereals, tubers, pulses, etc)
  • Dairy, meat, fruit, and vegetable processing
  • Fat and oil processing technology
  • Development of rice artificial
  • Modelling of food rheology
  • Modeling and management of information system
  • Strategic development in food industry and decision making method
  • Quality management system in food industries
  • Marketing study of food products and ingredients
  • Study on the incubation system of small scale enterprises
  • Modification of ingredient functionality by thermal treatments.

Academic Staff

  • Prof.Dr. Sugiyono (Head of Division)
  • Prof.Dr. Purwiyatno Hariyadi
  • Dr. Muhammad Arpah
  • Dr. Joko Hermanianto
  • Dr. Budi Nurtama
  • Dr. Dede R. Adawiyah
  • Dr. Fahim M. Taqi
  • Dr. Elvira Syamsir
  • Dr. Nugraha Edi Suyatma
  • Dr. Tjahja Muhandri
  • Dr. Nur Wulandari
  • Dr. Eko Hari Purnomo
  • Dr.-Ing. Dase Hunaefi
  • Dr. Faleh Setia Budi
  • Dr.-Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang
  • Subarna,MS
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