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Food Chemistry Division

Food Chemistry Division

Focusing on the studies of basic composition, structure, physicochemical and functional properties of foods and the chemistry of changes occurring during processing and utilization. It also deals with the isolation and identification of bioactive compound, modification of chemical structure of food components, and the principles, methods, and techniques necessary to quantify the chemical composition of food products and ingredients.

Related Courses

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  • TPN1202 Basic Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
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  • TPN1203 Food Regulation
  • IPN506 Integrated Food Analysis
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  • TPN511 Characteristics of Food Components
    TPN503 Food Law and Regulation
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Research Areas

  • Characterization of functional properties and analyses of macro and micro components in food system
  • Chemical modification of food components (such as carbohydrate and protein) and their application in food system.
  • Effect of processing and storage to the chemistry of changes and chemical interaction of macro and micro components in food system
  • Isolation, identification, and characterization of bioactive compound fromm local food materials.
  • Isolation, identification and characterization of flavor compound from local food materials.
  • Natural flavor compound, flavor reaction, Maillard reaction and lipid degradatioin in food system model
  • Characterization of sensory characteristics of food components and its relationship with flavor compound in food system
  • Development of chemical analysis and instrumentation in identification and characterization of macro and micro food components

Academic Staff

  • Prof.Dr. C. Hanny Wijaya (Head of Division)
  • Prof.Dr. Dedi Fardiaz
  • Prof.Dr. Nuri Andarwulan
  • Prof.Dr. Slamet Budijanto
  • Prof.Dr. Hanifah Nuryani Lioe
  • Dr. Sukarno
  • Dr. Feri Kusnandar
  • Dr. Nancy Dewi Yuliana
  • Dr. Didah Nur Faridah
  • Dr. Dian Herawati
  • Dr. Dias Indrasti
18 Aug, 2023

Press Release 2-Days Training Pengenalan CPPOB dan HACCP untuk UMK Pangan

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Press Release 2-Days Training Pengenalan CPPOB dan HACCP untuk UMK Pangan

Sebagai bagian dari rangkaian kegiatan “Pendampingan UMK Pangan Steril Komersial”,  Departemen Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan, Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian (FATETA), IPB University bekerja sama dengan PT.  Read More »

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