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Food Biochemistry Division

Focusing on the studies of how processing or storage might biochemically affect the nutritional value of foods and their biochemistry in human body (in vivo/in vitroresearch). It also involves the study of basic and applied aspects of biochemistry on the toxicity and anti-nutritional factors of food components and how to control, metabolisms of macro and micro ingredients in human body, molecular biology and immunology of food components.

Related Courses

  • TPN1201 Basic Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • TPN1241 Food Biochemistry
  • TPN1242 Metabolism of Food Component
  • TPN1342 Basic Functional Food
  • TPN1342 Biological Evaluation of Food Component
  • IPN504 Food Molecular Biochemistry
  • IPN623 Food Biotechnology
  • IPN641 Cellular Metabolisms of Food Components
  • IPN642 Methods of Biological Value Evaluation of Food Components
  • IPN643 Functional Food Development
  • IPN644 Food Toxicology
  • IPN741 Immunology in Food
  • IPN742 Food and Vascular System
  • TPN541 Applied Nutrition in Food Industry
  • TPN641 Functional Food Technology

Research Areas

  • Immunology of food components
  • Toxicity and anti-nutritional factors of food components
  • Effects of indigenous spices on cell proliferation
  • The effects of dietary fiber on human health
  • Nutritional evaluation of food components and its relationship to the human intelligence
  • Analysis of allergen and anti-allergen of foods,
  • Interaction of nutrition and toxic component of foods
  • Production of health/anti-cancer foods
  • Evaluation of food nutrition

Academic Staff

  • Prof.Dr. Made Astawan (Head of Division)
  • Prof.Dr. Maggy Thenawidjaja Suhartono
  • Prof.Dr. Sedarnawati Yasni
  • Dr. Nurheni Sri Palupi
  • Dr. Endang Prangdimurti
  • Dr. Puspo Edi Giriwono
  • Sutrisno Koswara, MSc


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