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Toward Excellent Department

Toward Excellent Department

The Department of Food Science and Technology – IPB has committed to a leadership role in all aspects of its mission and to be the best De partment of its kind in the Indonesian land-grant university system. The Department has promoted the creation and expansion of mutual partnerships in education, research and outreach programs. In 1980-2004, the Department initiated the establishment of Food and Technology Development Center (FTDC), which worked especially in outreach program, such as street food and food nutrition intervention program. In 1986-2004, the Inter University Center of Food and Nutrition (IUC-FN), a leading institution in IPB, was extablished to help the development of food science and technology throughout the country in research, training and capacity building.

In 1999-2004, the Department received a competitive grant entitled Quality for Undergraduate Education (QUE) funded by World Bank. The program focused on improving relevance, academic atmosphere, internal management, sustainability and efficiency of the Department. The QUE Program has positioned the Department to a level of excellence in Indonesia, as reflected by the role of the Department in the development of food science and technology education, research and outreach throughout the country.

In 2004-2006, the Department received a competitive grant scheme from the Indonesian government namely Nation Competitiveness Grant Scheme. The program focused on strengthening the Department’s contribution to national food security and food safety programs. In 2005, IUC-FN and FTDC were merged with other food-related research centers in IPB into South East Asia Food and Agricultural Science and Technology (SEAFAST) Center. The SEAFAST Center-IPB focuses on research and outreach programs in improving food quality, nutrition and safety through science and technology. As a sister institution, the laboratories and food processing pilot plants of SEAFAST Center are accessible for the Department to support educational and research programs.

In 2008-2010, the Department, under the Institutional Competitive Grant Program scheme, received a grant from the Department of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the program objective was to assist the Department to reach international recognition, especially for undergraduate program. In 2010-2012, the Department involved in Indonesian Managing Higher Education Relevance and Efficiency (IMHERE) Program funded by World Bank. The IMHERE program focuses on strengthening the Department contribution in agriculture adaptation to climate change.

The Department has strong research linkages with food industries and government institutions, in which a significant proportion of its research funding comes from them. To work closely with food industries and government institutions, the Department works together with SEAFAST Center IPB in the areas of training for food industry professionals, consultation services, and collaborative research activities. The Department continuously maintains scientific and technological excellence, keep strong networking with the government, food industries and other agencies nationally and internationally as well as simultaneously works in the interest of public. The Department also continuously strengthens its contribution to promote nation competitiveness concerning in food security and food safety programs.

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