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Congraturalations for Student Food and Science Technology 2021


Developing Solutions for Developing Countries (DSDC) IFT Tahun 2021

2nd Winner

TIM 1 (Ngebut)

” High protein whole grain maize- and soybean-based flour as food substitute during Covid-19 food inflation and to solve stunting in Uganda”


Muhammad Rafi Kamil (F24180119)
Stephen William Wijaya (F24180094)
Firanindyta Hade (F24180028)

honorable mention


LAHAYE UGALI: Instant Ugali from 100% Whole Maize Grain through No-Die Extrusion Enriched with Baobab Powder to Help Undernourished Adults Fight COVID-19 in Kenya


Talitha Nur Aziziah Priyatna F24188013
Mahirah Safira Ferdianny F24190112
Kemal Komala F24190030
Salsabila Fatimah Syarifudin F24190127

Dosen Pembimbing :  Dr.-Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang, MSc

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