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2Lilis Nuraida
Prof.Dr. Lilis Nuraida


Area of Expertise:

Food microbiology

Research Interest:

Functional properties of lactic acid bacteria for probiotics; food preservatives; exploration and application of natural preservatives; development of fermented foods and probiotic pro-ducts.




Jl. Raflesia III No. 18, Taman Yasmin Rt.002/009 Kel. Cilendek Timur Kec. Bogor Barat, Kota Bogor

Prof.Dr. Lilis Nuraida


S1 (Food Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) – 1985
S2 (Food Microbiology, Reading University, UK) – 1988
S3 (Food Microbiology, Reading University, UK) – 1992

Teaching Courses

  • PPS601 Colloquium
  • ITP623 Biotechnology of Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • ITP521 Good Practices in Food Chains
  • ITP421 HACCP for Food Safety Management
  • ITP506 Recent Issue in Food Industry
  • ITP511 Characteristics of Food Materials
  • ITP322 Food Safety and Sanitation
  • ITP501 Scientific Writing Method and Presentation
  • ITP620 Food Safety Microbiology
  • ITP621 Control of Food Microbiology Quality
  • ITP321 Food Fermentation Technology
  • ITP337 Food Canning Technology
  • ITP401 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory
  • ITP720 Immobilization of Enzymes and Cells
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