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Prof.Dr. C. Hanny Wijaya


Area of Expertise:

Flavor chemistry and technology

Research Interest:

Isolation and identification of flavor component and bioactive compound from local resources, study on volatiles quality of tropical fruits produced by breeding, tropical peatland management- Asian ethnic diets and traditional herbal medicines in the perspective of functional foods and health promotion




Jl. Dahlia. Taman Cibalagung RT.004/005 No.10 Pancasan Kel. Pasirjaya Kec. Bogor Barat, Kota Bogor 16119

Prof.Dr. C. Hanny Wijaya


S1 (Agricultural Processing Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) – 1983
S2 (Agricultural Chemistry, Hokkaido University, Japan) – 1987
S3 (Agricultural Chemistry, Hokkaido University, Japan) – 1990

Teaching Courses

  • ITP410 Food Additives
  • ITP510 Food Chemical Components
  • ITP612 Flavor Chemistry
  • ITP505 Methods of Sensory Evaluation
  • ITP500 Research Methods in Food Science
  • ITP611 Food Ingredient and Additives
  • ITP710 Chemistry of Food Bioactive Compounds
  • ITP210 Food Chemistry
  • ITP311 Flavor Technology
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