Food Science Doctor E-Courses

Food Science Doctor E-Courses

E-FoodTech Undergraduate/ E-FodTech Master / E-FoodSci Master / E-FoodSci Doctor
  • TP703 Advance Food Science
  • ITP710 Chemistry of Food Bioactive Compounds
  • ITP711 Advance Food Component Chemistry
  • ITP712 Identification and Analysis of Organic Component in Foods
  • ITP720 Immobilization of Enzymes and Cells
  • ITP721 Host and Pathogen Interaction
  • ITP722 Microbial Toxins in Foods
  • ITP730 Thermal Process
  • ITP731 Physical Properties of Foods
  • ITP732 Food Water interaction in Food System
  • ITP740 Biological Interaction of Food Components
  • ITP741 Immunology in Foods
  • ITP742 Foods and Vascular System