Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Scope of Food Technology in the Middle 21st Century

Food technology continues to develop in line with the dynamics of other scientific fields and changing consumer demands. Projections of the development of food technology in the next three decades need to be considered to ensure the process of food technology education produces graduates that are in line and in line with the needs of users.
The Department of Food Science and Technology of IPB in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Food Technology Experts held the FGD with the theme "Scope of Food Technology in the Middle 21st Century". The guest speaker at the FGD came from the Food Industry (Ir. Mukhlis Bahrainy, CEO of the Pachira group), Dr. Rina Agustina (Faculty of Medicine, UI) and Prof. Renanto Handogo (Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering, Chemical Engineering ITS) gave their views on the prospects for the development of pandanus technology from the viewpoint of industry, nutrition and health sciences, as well as engineering.
Future food technology is demanded to be able to produce food products that are good for health and still provide tastes that are preferred by consumers. In the future, the dietary needs of each group of consumers will be increasingly varied and also the nutritional needs of each who are increasingly personalized. On the other hand, the development of engineering has opened the opportunity to create a tool that is capable of carrying out various operating units at the same time with a compact design and small energy requirements. Therefore, safe and quality food production on a smaller scale and possibly household scale is a necessity in the future. If at present the food industry produces more mass food, the next three decades the food industry is required to create food ingredients or semi-finished products that can be practically processed by each individual on a small scale according to consumer needs. If this is true, then food technology education needs to make various adjustments to the curriculum and education process.

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