Vision and Missions

Vision and Missions

The Department of Food Science and Technology - IPB has a vision to become a leading higher educational institution with international quality and as a trend setter in food science and technology.

The missions of the Department are as follows:

  1. Performing effectively and efficiently higher education program to produce competent and international quality graduates in the field of food science and technology.
  2. Conducting creative food-related research based on tropical commodities and phenomenon which support the educational process and development of food science and technology.
  3. Delivering outreach programs that contribute to the competitiveness of food industries in ensuring food security, food safety and its nutritional quality to improve the well being of the public.

To achieve its vision and carry out the missions, the Department has the following objectives:

  1. Producing competent graduates in the field of food science and technology who are competitive in global markets with good technical, managerial, communication and entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Developing innovative, basic, applied and strategic research programs to support educational processes and support the development of food science and technology while coping with practical problems and challenges of the society.
  3. Implementing research findings from food science and technology into the society whilst enriching the educational process.