Short Course on Sensory Evaluation of Processed Foods

Short Course on Sensory Evaluation of Processed Foods

Program / Thermal Process / Shelf-life / Sensory Evaluation / R&D / ISO 22000 

Food choices in the markerplace are usually made by consumers on the basis of sensory quality. Therefore, food industry relies very heavily on evaluation in developing new food products and in maintaining quality control in existing food items by mean of organoleptic testing. Sensory evaluation is a vital source of information to the person responsible in quality assurance and product development. Professional evaluation of food requires careful analysis of the ways of assessing food, the properties of food, and the techniques for measuring these characteristics sensorically.  

Course Description
The Short course on sensory evaluation provides knowledge in sensory evaluation methods applicable in food product development and food quality evaluation in food industry. The course includes lectures and practicals on the theory behind sensory evaluation. 

Who should attend?
This course will be beneficial for anybody working in the food industry, primarily food process developers and R&D staff where an understanding of sensory evaluation is required.  

Course content
Participants will gather information and develop an understanding of the following area:

  • Characteristics of organoleptic testing
  • Design of sensory laboratory
  • Type of sensory evaluation: overall different test, attribute different test, decriptive test, consumer-oriented test
  • Selection of panelists
  • Panelist Short course
  • Environment for sensory evaluation
  • Sample preparation and presentation
  • Decriptive flavor analysis panel
  • Design of scorecards
  • The application of statistics to analyze sensory data and its interpretation
  • Practical in panelist selection, non-decriptive testing, and decriptive testing

The trainers (instructors) from SEAFAST Center and Department of Food Science and Technology. The instructors have academic background and practical experience in the area of sensory evaluation design. 

Place : Seafast Center IPB, Darmaga 

Further information, contact:
Dr. Dede R. Adawiyah
Department of Food Science and Technology - IPB
Phone/Fax 62-251-8629855
E-mail: dfst.ipb.ac.id