Master in Food Technology

Master in Food Technology

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In a global competition era, food products from Indonesia must be able to compete with other food products from other countries. To achieve this, national food industries must be capable of producing safe and high quality food products that meet international standard, such as ISO 9000 and HACCP. This means that food industry sector is challenged to transform itself to become knowledge-based food industries. This transformation process requires supports of human resources (employees/ professionals) that are not only capable of planning, developing, and managing food industry professionally but also understanding in the field of food science and technology. To support the development of quality system, nutrition and national food safety, government also needs professionals with competence in food technology and food safety, which will involve in food quality and safety supervision, the development of policy concept in food areas.

The Master of Food Technology is offered to answer the need of food industry to employ professionals understanding in food processing areas. The program is open for professionals in food industries and governmental officers. It is compulsory that students of Master Program have been working for at least two years in food industry/government institution. After graduation, Master graduates will have competence in food technology areas including food processing, food packaging, food storage, food product development, food quality assurance and food safety.

Graduate students may explore many diverse interests at academic library in Central Library, Food Science Library at Center for Food and Nutrition Study, and Agricultural Technology Information Center at Faculty of Agricultural Technology. The libraries collect latest textbooks (ISBN), international peer-reviewed journals and journal abstract (FSTA) in the area of food science, technology and human nutrition.

Selection of Academic Supervisor
Each student should select major supervisor for final project. The supervisor should represent the academic areas required for successful completion of the student's work. With the direction of major supervisor, student may also select on advisory committee members. Additional information on the procedure of selection of supervisor and advisory committee members may be found in the Graduate School Website.

Research Project (Thesis)
The topic of research project must be approved by the student's major supervisor and advisory committee members. The student conducts the project and prepares the thesis under the direction of the major supervisor. Students are required to have a minimum of 8 credits hours of research project. It is compulsory for students to publish a scientific paper in a national peer-reviewed journal before final examination.

Further Information
Information and application form can be obtained at:

  • IPB Postgraduate School, Andi Hakim Nasoetion Building 5th flour, Darmaga IPB Campus, Bogor 16680. Phone: 62-251-8622640, Fax. 62-251-8622986
  • Dr. Nurheni Sri Palupi, Head of Food Technology Study Program, Department of Food Science and Technology IPB. Darmaga IPB Campus, PO Box 220 Bogor. Phone/Fax: 0251-8626725. E-mail: dfst@ipb.ac.id, hnpalupi@yahoo.com