Food Science Master E-Courses

Food Science Master E-Courses

E-FoodTech Undergraduate/ E-FodTech Master / E-FoodSci Master / E-FoodSci Doctor
  • ITP510 Chemistry of Food Components
  • ITP520 Advance Food Microbiology
  • ITP530 Food Process Engineering
  • ITP540 Food Molecular Biochemistry*
  • ITP500 Research Methods in Food Science
  • ITP503 Advanced Food Analysis
  • ITP505 Methods of Sensory Evaluation
  • ITP610 Changes in Chemical component characteristics during Food processing
  • ITP611 Food Ingredient and Additives
  • ITP612 Flavor Chemistry
  • ITP620 Food Safety Microbiology
  • ITP621 Control of Food Microbiological Quality
  • ITP622 Biotechnology in Food Industry
  • ITP623 Biotechnology of Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • ITP630 Advance Food Processing and Preservation Technology
  • ITP631 Advance Food Storage Technology
  • ITP632 Advance Food Packaging Technology
  • ITP640 Cellular Metabolisms of Food Components
  • ITP641 Methods of Evaluation of Biological Values of Food Components
  • ITP642 Development of Functional Foods
  • ITP643 Food Toxicology