Towards a Green Campus: IPB Limits Vehicles in Campus

Towards a Green Campus: IPB Limits Vehicles in Campus

to realize the Green Campus program, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) will impose new policy, banning the use of all the vehicles air-fuel oil (BBM) on the scope or area of ​​IPB, DRAMAGA.This policy will apply to the entire campus community (employees and students) and also the guests who visited the IPB.

Later or as a substitute for, the IPB provides bicycles, electric cars and gas-fueled buses to transport around IPB.

Officially, this new policy will come into effect in October. However, as stated by the Director of Business and Partnership IPB, and Chairman of the Committee Anniversary IPB to -52, Meika Syahbana Rusly, the tests will be conducted for one month, skaligus as socialization efforts.

"Tomorrow's opening coincided with the anniversary of IPB ke- 52, will be the launch of the Green Campus, in which the prohibition of the use of air-fuel vehicles in the Campus IPB," he said, today.

Meika explained, this is the first Green Campus is the use of environmentally friendly transportation or movement of the person using or wearing a bike on campus. Second, the environment fueled vehicles, and buses made bajar mobillistrik gas.

"There will be a ban on air-fuel cars, ranging from today's test try will be made until September. The ban is official, will be enacted in October,".

As a support / support, IPB provide 1,500 bicycles, electric cars there are 44 units and for buses supplied 20 gas-fueled buses.

"The bike will be used point to point. There shalter and special parking. Parking we provide three locations. The one we provide in the rear entrance and two dibpintu front entrance,".

Meika mentioned, the implementation will be enforced system last cash or put on the card. "Tapcash. These cards will be used employee, student. Also for guests who come to the IPB," he said.

For this program was not geratis or rather commercialized. Each cardholder must pay. "Employees do not pay because he serves, while for students because it is served so pay. For that is able to pay, just for underprivileged students do not. For the amount we are studying. For overall system subsidized IPB," he explained.


While the opening of the 52nd Anniversary will be held 1 September (tomorrow) new admissions multisastra unison. 52 new admissions force consisting of students of diploma, undergraduate students and students pascasarjana.Acara program will begin at 07:00 pm in the Field Dramaga Campus Gymnasium.

This activity will involve as many as 4,000 students S1, S0 2200 students and 1750 graduate students.

On September 2, the open session agenda (scientific papers). Speech and presentation material will be delivered scientifically by the Chairman of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD). The theme "Triumph Maritime IPB for Indonesia, at the Auditorium of Andi Hakim Nasution, Rector IPB, DRAMAGA.

The series of anniversary activities continue. On September 3, his, will be held IPB Investment Summit. This event is an event business meeting to bring together potential business with IPB, with regard to the results of research and innovation that is ready for application / adopted commercially.

"IPB will offer a presentation to investors. For that is proactive. At Hotel Sultan, Jakarta. The issue is change challenges become opportunities. From a sluggish economy to innovation-based economy. The event will be attended by about 300 people," said Meika.

Another agenda of the circuit Anniversary IPB-52 continued on 4 to 6 September. On 4 to 6, will be held Agri Symphony. This event meliputu seminar Pimpi 2015, ISEE: Cultural Night, Festival Chicken Pelung National 2015, Animal Day, Mechanical Biosystems Fair, Open House 52, Gema Marine Fisheries, IPB's Awarding Night, IPB Serving, Gebyar archipelago, Competition Jingle Agri Syimphony, Competition Caricature and Competition Grafiffity. This event is focused on Dramaga Campus.

On September 5, will be held the evening show appreciation, appreciation to the community of IPB works dihasilan innovation. The event titled Tribute to Innovator. A gala dinner and concert that will bring old singer Edit G Ade in IPB Intetnational Convention Center, Botanical Square. "It's more to reflection and travel IPB. That's why we give the theme" Reflection, Travel and Love ", seven years of IPB's number one producer of many innovative, award of the IP, IPB most most widely released the results of innovation is applied. And the IPB campus Best 3rd, after ITB and UGM, ".

Then on September 5 to 6 will also be held People's Farmers Market and Healthy Morning Walk and Festival Campus.

According to Sabrina, students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) IPB, which became one of the committee organizers, circuit Farmers Market participants Anniversary IPB involving farmers. Later there were 60 farmers who will sell their products. This event will be held in the Campus IPB Baranangsiang.