Dr.-Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang

Personal Information

  • Area of Expertise:
  • Chemical engineering
  • Research Interest:
  • Membrane technology, reaction kinetics, reactor designs, fermentation
  • Email:
  • boing.lipan@ipb.ac.id
  • Address:
  • Bukit Cimanggu City, Residence Kencana (Charwood) KD 22, No.1. Bogor

Dr.-Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang


S1 (Food Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) - 2008
S2 (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan) - 2010
S3 (Chemical and Process Engineering, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany) - 2016

Teaching Courses

  • ITP334 Food Processing Technology Laboratory
  • ITP530 Food Process Engineering
  • ITP337 Food Canning Technology
  • ITP401 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory
  • ITP330 Principles of Food Engineering
  • ITP333 Food Processing Technology