Dr.Ing. Dase Hunaefi

Personal Information

  • Area of Expertise:
  • Food biotechnology
  • Research Interest:
  • Dairy science and technology, evaluation of process impact on stability and functionality of quality and health related food compounds, fruit and vegetable processing (horticulture processing technology), non-thermal technology for food.
  • Email:
  • dashcbdk@gmail.com
  • Address:
  • Taman Darmaga Permai Blok C No 11B Rt005/003 Ds Cihideung Ilir Kec Ciampea Kab Bogor

Dr.Ing. Dase Hunaefi


S1 (Food Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) - 2002
S2 (Food Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia) - 2007
S3 (Biotechnology, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany) - 2013

Teaching Courses

  • ITP334 Food Processing Technology Laboratory
  • ITP541 Applied Biotechnology in Food Production
  • ITP401 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory
  • ITP303 Research Design and Presentation Technique
  • ITP622 Biotechnology in Food Industry
  • ITP333 Food Processing Technology