Dr. Nugraha Edhi Suyatma

Personal Information

  • Area of Expertise:
  • Food packaging
  • Research Interest:
  • Development and reinforcement of bio-based packaging from agricultural waste product (e.g. chitosan and pectin); application of edible/biodegradable film in food process and preservation, bio-nanocomposites with ZnO and Silver nanoparticles as fillers in biopolymer, development of active and intelligent packaging.
  • Email:
  • nugrahaedhi@yahoo.com
  • Address:
  • Komplek Taman Darmaga Permai Jl. Mindi Blok D No.12 B Rt. 005/003 Ds. Cihideung Ilir Kec. Ciampea, Kab. Bogor

Dr. Nugraha Edhi Suyatma


S1 (Food Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) - 1994
S1 (Physico-chimie des Bioproduits, Reims University, France) - 2001
S3 (Chimie Des Materiaux , Reims University, France) - 2006

Teaching Courses

  • ITP533 Food Packaging, Labeling and Shelf-life
  • ITP431 Food Packaging and Storage Technology
  • ITP632 Advanced Food Packaging Technology
  • ITP631 Advanced Food Storage Technology
  • ITP401 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory
  • ITP303 Research Design and Presentation Technique
  • ITP503 Advanced Food Analysis
  • ITP332 Characteristics of Food Materials
  • ITP333 Food Processing Technology