Prof.Dr. Sugiyono

Personal Information

  • Area of Expertise:
  • Food biotechnology
  • Research Interest:
  • Starch modification and its application in food processing, food Product Development based on local resources
  • Email:
  • ssugiyono@yahoo.com.au
  • Address:
  • Jl. Arde No.27 Rt.003/006 Desa Laladon, Kec. Ciomas Bogor

Prof.Dr. Sugiyono


S1 (Food Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) - 1989
S2 (Biotechnology, University of New South Wales, Australia) - 1989
S3 (Biotechnology, University of New South Wales, Australia) - 1996

Teaching Courses

  • FTP200 Introduction to Agricultural Technology
  • ITP531 Food Processing Technology
  • ITP630 Food Processing and Preservation Technology
  • ITP332 Characteristics of Food Materials
  • ITP231 Principles of Food Proccesing
  • ITP333 Food Processing Technology