Dr. Joko Hermanianto

Personal Information

  • Area of Expertise:
  • Food process engineering
  • Research Interest:
  • Development of halal assurance system in food industry, food processing technology of meat and meat product
  • Email:
  • jokoher@yahoo.com
  • Address:
  • Kp. Kukupu Rt.001/006 Ds. Cibadak Kec. Tanah Sareal, Kota Bogor 16166

Dr. Joko Hermanianto


S1 (A, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) - 1983
S3 (Food Science, University of Gottingen, Germany) - 1995

Teaching Courses

  • ITP334 Food Processing Technology Laboratory
  • ITP502 Food Regulation
  • ITP336 Halal Assurance System
  • ITP531 Food Processing Technology
  • ITP332 Characteristics of Food Materials
  • ITP333 Food Processing Technology